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The lack of research opportunities leads to less chance of jobs and hence, inadequately trained workforce is produced. Such ill-prepared scientists are neither accustomed to the concept nor to the culture of article writing. Poorly prepared manuscripts and multiple rejections by various journals further dampen their spirits.

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Lack of novelty in research, poor research design, inappropriate methodology, errors in selecting proper statistical tools and techniques, inadequate training of scientific writing, grammatical and syntax errors and various other flaws are major contributory factors leading to the preparation of a poor manuscript. Therefore, many students take up the task with this preconceived notion that they lack the skill and ability to write the paper.

Without actually realizing that research writing is primarily a skill and can be learned by anyone, and it is not an art a scientist is primarily born with, regardless of the academic background, the previous level of experience or clinical expertise. Learn all four components of the English language.

This includes, English speaking, listening, writing and reading.

There are many things a student can do to learn these skills. Nowadays various online English learning courses are available online. In fact such training could be acquired for free on YouTube and through various webinars. Another solution could be applied at the high school or the university level.

The medical schools and universities need to teach academic writing to the students. The education system at high school level should encourage the acquisition of such courses and encouragement should be provided to students regarding learning the principles of academic writings.

Everyone is responsible for his own success and therefore, it is the responsibility of the student to earn extra credits on academic writing and browse through as many academic papers as possible to improve not only the academic writing but also the current application of such principles.

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Lack of belief can be treated by writing as much as possible and keep publishing it and do not be discouraged by the rejection. In fact, the rejection should be considered as a learning experience. Because it teaches a student about the academic deficiencies on his part and how to improve his writing credentials and learn the art of academic writing. The art of preparing a manuscript can be acquired only by following certain basic rules and technical aspects, besides the knowledge and skills. The healthcare workers need to understand that the research article writing does not require you to necessarily be a part of a team of scientists working in a research lab and you must have to do a clinical trial first to be able to write article.

It can easily be learnt while sitting in the comfort of their homes, by joining any online academic writing or research training course and buying various books on the principles of the English language, writing in style and writing academic papers. One of the major problems faced by the International Medical Graduates coming to the US to apply for the residency program in the specialty of their choice is the expectation of writing and publishing a research paper in the English language by many residency programs in the United States.

Writing and publishing a research paper is difficult for the majority of the IMGs because of various reasons like the unfamiliarity with the English language, lack of research training in their home countries etc.

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However, writing a research paper is a skill like any other professional skill and it could be learned by a sheer dedication and determination. Variety of English language and research training opportunities are available online at economical rates and in various instances totally free of cost on the websites like YouTube and Coursera. Students can learn these skills by taking such courses and buying various books and master them with relentless practice. All Published work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.

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Visit for more related articles at Quality in Primary Care. There can be many reasons for the proposed question but in our opinion, it is a coalescence of the following factors: Lack of familiarity with the language can be considered as one of the major causes of the aforementioned problems A large percentage of medical graduates apply for the clinical residency positions from the countries where the official language of communication is not English. Less opportunities for research in many developing Countries is one of the major causes of the problem Many developing countries have little or no funding designated for research.

Conclusion One of the major problems faced by the International Medical Graduates coming to the US to apply for the residency program in the specialty of their choice is the expectation of writing and publishing a research paper in the English language by many residency programs in the United States. References Onwere S.

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see url It's a story, not a study:Writingan effectiveresearchpaper. Acad Med Bavdekar SB. Join us as we mark 15 years of supporting the global research community. Learn how you can take part in the celebrations.

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Scholarly writing, particularly in the sciences, involves a form of written English that closely resembles everyday English but differs in certain ways. This tip focuses on one way that scientific English diverges from normal spoken English: formal tone. At times, the writing in a published manuscript can sound quite stuffy, but following the conventions of formal language will help your manuscript sound like it belongs in a top-tier journal.

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Academic English involves a lexicon that is different from everyday English, both by the addition of new words and the omission of certain words. On the one hand, academic papers include copious amounts of jargon, or field-specific terms that are meaningless to someone outside of that area of study. Many common terms also hold highly specialized meanings within a scholarly field; for example, in microbiology, the term transform refers specifically to the introduction of new DNA into a bacterial cell.

On the other hand, scholarly publications seem to lack a number of commonly used words and favor more formal-sounding alternatives. In some cases, the use of a more formal word can actually increase the clarity of the writing. Replacing it with a more specific verb will improve the flow of a sentence.

Here are some additional formal words and phrases used in scientific writing, alongside their more common counterparts. In some cases, these terms represent an improvement over the common term, but some are simply a matter of convention. Over time, languages shift, and words become considered more or less formal. However, these suggestions should be applicable for a while. AJE wishes you the best of luck with your writing! Choosing the Right Words.