Thesis on job satisfaction of bank employees

A single item on five-point rating scale ranging from highly dissatisfied to highly satisfy was taken. FINDING It has been observed that degree of job satisfaction of private sector banks was found to be comparatively slightly lower than in public sector banks. The main reasons for job dissatisfaction in Private sector bank were job security, salary not at par with experience, not much value or credit was given for the tasks accomplished and monotonous nature of job. Employees of private sector banks perceive that their jobs are not secure.

A Conceptual Model of Antecedents of Employee Satisfaction: Propositions (P) and Hypotheses (H)

In fact, the effect of an open economy, globalization, and privatization can be seen more easily in private sector banks than in public sector banks. In private sector banks, the environment in highly competitive and job security is based on performance and various other factors.

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Though it is true that this environment provides a challenging job profile, it also creates a less secure environment. Industriousness, dedication, devotion, and commitment are not enough to secure a job. The high level of performance of an individual is also based on various factors. These may be market situation, existence of competitor, and government policies. Where these factors are adverse in nature, performance automatically suffers.

During this period, employees feel insecure, this reduces overall job satisfaction. It was found that even people with much lesser experience had salaries at par with those who were highly experienced. On further probing it was found that the bank promoted increments based on merit rather than number of years of service.

In public sector banks, welfare policies are clearly defined and legally enforced. Retirement, pensions, gratuity, and other related welfare policies are effectively executed. So there is no problem with social security. In private sector banks, welfare activities are neither well planned nor well executed.

Employee turnover is very high and job security is very low. These findings in the banking sectors could be extended to explain the job situation in other service sectors. In terms of security, promotion, and welfare policy, there is a clear difference between public and private sector employees. It was stated earlier that when we compare the job satisfaction of employees in public and private sector banks or in other service sectors, the public and private sectors become the main factor of comparison.

In India, the public or private sector factors neutralize all other factors of comparison. For example, in India, a public sector insurance company like LIC will always be preferred by a new entrant, if he has a choice. Secure job environment enhances the degree of job satisfaction.

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Management must create an environment of job security among employees. Indians work with emotions, so any legal job contract will not motivate them. Instead, there should be a psychological or emotional bond between employees and the organization. Due to the different social, economic and cultural backgrounds, the hire and fire system is not effective in India.

Employee motivation and job satisfaction

In fact, Indian culture is neither individualistic nor collective, rather it is "Karm" according to Indian mytho logy it is do your duty, don't worry about results oriented. Indians always accept effective leadership.

A Case Study of the Impact of Leadership Styles on Bank Employees´Job Satisfaction

So when management can provide effective leadership and a secure job environment, Karm job duty will be in the right direction. Apart from job security, management must provide job stability. There should be a challenging environment. The job structure should comprise horizontal as well as vertical growth.

The job should provide enough scope for the employees in terms of promotion and transfer. References Books: 1. Industrial psychology: its theoretical and social foundation. New Delhi: CBS publisher. Chandan S Jit.

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