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Revision: EDUQAS Poetry Anthology Comparative Essay on 'She Walks in Beauty' and 'Sonnet 43'

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The smiles that win, the tint that glow,. But tell of days in goodness spent,.

A mind at peace with all bellow,. A heart whose love is innocent! Broadly, in Sound and Sense: An Introduction to Poetry 65 defined, a figure of speech is any way of saying something other than the ordinary way. For the purposes, a figure of speech is more narrowly definable as a way of saying one thing and meaning another, it is related with figurative language. Figurative language, language using figure of speech, is language that cannot be taken literally. There are many figurative languages, but the writer only focus on three kind of figurative languages namely simile, hyperbole, and symbol.

Simile is comparison of expressed, by the use of some word or phrase such as like, as, than, similar to, or resembles Perrine, : Overstatement or Hyperbole is simply exaggeration but exaggeration in the service of truth Perrine, : A symbol may be roughly defined as something that means more than what it is Perrine, : Here are the figurative language in She Walks in Beauty.

Simile :. So, these means the woman as beauty as the night with cloudless climes and starry skies.

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Hyperbole :. These line have hyperbolic meaning, because it means that the woman has beauty that softly emitted from herself, as if her light of beauty denied by heaven. Symbol :. Beside hyperbolic meaning, in line 1 also has symbolic meaning. For over all it means that a little badness decrease the goodness. In line 3 has symbolic meaning. So over all it means, the smiles that smiling attractively and the color of her face that glowing beautifully.

The poet, unlike the man who uses language to convey only information, chooses his word for sound as a mean of reinforcing his meaning.

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Perrine, : A syllable consists of a vowel sound that may be preceded or followed by consonant sounds. There are some kinds of repetition :. Rime, is the repetition of the accented vowel sound and all succeseeding sound. Although there are four kind of repetition, the writer only focus on rime. Rime : stanza 1. Of cloudless climes and starry skies ;. Meet in her aspect and her eyes :. In stanza 1, there are words night , bright , and light which have repetition of the vowel sound as well as the words skies , eyes , and denies.

It is called rime a-b-a-b-a-b or called end rime, because it comes at the end of the line. First similarity are night , bright , and light thats called rime a.

Second are skies , eyes , and denies which called rime b. Which waves in every raven trees ,. How pure, how dear their dwelling- place. So soft, so calm, yet eloquent ,. The smiles that win, the tint that glow ,. But tell of days in goodness spent ,.

Meaning and Concise Summary of the Famous Poem She Walks in Beauty

A mind at peace with all bellow ,. The similarity also exist on stanza 2 and 3. As well as stanza 1, stanza 2 and stanza 3 also have a-b-a-b-a-b at the end of the rime. These similarities showing that Byron chooses his word for sound as a mean of reinforcing his meaning, besides in terms of aesthetics too.