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Habibur Rahman, M. But little research has been found regarding the comparative study of internet usage among university students. Therefore, we distributed 50 questionnaires to each discipline and a total of questionnaires were returned and all were usable.

Then we analyzed the obtained data using SPSS. The study recommends that the students coming from Science and Arts background should enhance the internet usage. And the students from all backgrounds should enhance the frequency of internet access per day and invest more on internet usage. The study also recommends that the universities should provide adequate internet facilities and enabling environment for student. This study provides a theoretical and empirical basis for further studies on internet usage of university students. Many academic and research institutions provide internet service to students, teachers as well as researchers.

Nowadays students access to the internet more frequently to collect information for their homework. Thus internet has become very popular among the students. Internet also increases the skills and capabilities of the students that can facilitate their studies and professional life. Therefore we need to acquire much information about internet to explore the relations with other variables regarding educational contexts which are significant for students.

Internet should be ensured for both students and teachers to facilitate research, teaching and communication. Students also use the internet greatly to enrich their academic work. However, little has been done in terms of research to compare among the university students coming from diverse disciplines in case of using the internet, purpose and impact of using the internet and the overall perceptions towards the internet. On the basis of these arguments, the aim of this research is to compare among the students coming from diverse disciplines e.

This research paper contributes to the literature on internet usage of University students by performing a comparative study of internet usage among University students based on a survey questionnaire. This research also contributes to the theoretical and empirical basis for further comparative studies of internet usage in other Universities of the world. Finally, we conclude that the findings of the study will contribute to the reduction of existing limitations on internet usage and ensure adequate internet facilities and enabling environment for students at University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The remainder of the study is organized as follows. First, we review the related literature. Next, we describe the research methodology and we present the results and discussion of the empirical study. Then we show the recommendations of the study. Finally, we conclude by explaining the implications and limitations of the study, and by suggesting future research directions. Review of the literature The literature review shows that there is a huge amount of literature available on internet usage in Bangladesh but no in depth study has been done to compare among the students coming from diverse backgrounds e.

Students mostly like electronic media comparing with printed media in case of searching information. Using the internet, the students find the easy access to the information and they use search engines mostly in searching information. The highly used search engine is Google Islam, A study on internet usage conducted in the Rajshahi University, Bangladesh showed that approximately half of the responsible authorities of different sectors were dissatisfied regarding the current internet facilities in the university.

At the end, the research recommended some future directions to ensure better internet service for the university community Roknuzzaman, A study regarding the effect of gender on internet usage by library science students revealed that there is no any notable difference between male and female in case of internet usage percentage but their internet skills can influence whether or not they find the internet useful Roman, A study illustrated the condition of internet access in Bangladesh, the problems of internet access as well as the potential of internet business.

Internet usage by undergraduates has also been done internationally Rahman, A research on internet usage performed in the Shippensburg University, USA including graduate and undergraduate students. The study found that the most of the graduate and undergraduate students used the internet times in a week. A study on internet usage among undergraduate students performed in the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria revealed a big percentage use of internet.


Cyber cafes are found as their access point and the university library is yet to provide inter access for the students. Therefore the research suggested that the university should provide more access points for the students Omotayo, The findings of the study revealed that The research showed that the students had positive perceptions towards learning with using internet. The students had rudimentary skills in case of usage internet and they regarded internet as a useful tool for learning Hong et al.

A study examined the percentage of internet access and the usage of electronic resources by undergraduate students at three Nigerian Universities.

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But due to the infrastructure, the access to the internet in the university libraries, departments and computer labs was poor. The study also found that the respondents should be trained in terms of using internet and databases Ani, A study was conducted on internet usage including the students and faculties in Kuvempu University. The study showed that The library is identified as the favorite place for using the internet.

A research was performed on internet usage among university students in the United Arab Emirates. The objectives of the study were to examine socializing on the internet and perceptions towards the internet. The findings of the study showed that the internet may play a vital role for preventing social exclusion as well as gender segregation Ozad, Another study was conducted on internet usage among university students in the University of Punjab, Lahore. The aim of the study was to find out the internet usage behavior of the students. The findings showed that most of the students use internet for their academic and research purposes.

They were regarded as the new internet users. The common places for internet usage were identified e. Most of the students have learnt to use internet by themselves or by the help of the friends without taking any training from the formal training center Sakina et al. The outcomes of the study showed that the most of the students were not using internet because of the lack of computers, low skills in internet usage and very slow speed of computers. Another study examined the purpose of internet usage and learning by the internet.

Students mainly use internet for sending or receiving email, reading newspaper, research work, chat and downloading images. Students used to watch less television programs because of their high percentage of online activities in the internet. Saving of time and ease of work were the reasons of internet usage among the university students Ruzgar, The study revealed that The favorite search engine was Yahoo. A research showed that the information seeking processes were mostly performed using electronic resources and the internet was the most important information channel among the students Armstrong et al.

The study also revealed that the students search for the information especially in the university library. A research was performed at Aligarh Muslim University in India to explore the internet usage behavior among the students. The study revealed that the most of the respondents had a five year history of internet usage. A research investigated the extent to which the academic staff of the university used electronic information services in their work.

The study revealed that the internet was the most favorite information source.


University staffs having low level of IT skills largely used the internet because of its easy access and immediate results Hewitson, The shortage of searching skills is still hampering the proper usage of internet for the Faculty of Medical Sciences in University of Jos, Nigeria. The research was performed taking the academic staff members from the faculty. The study revealed that the gaining of proper internet skills may lead to find the important research and teaching resources Nwokedi, A study on internet usage performed in the Engineering Colleges of Punjab and Haryana states of India.

A research was conducted to explore the extent of internet usage by the academic community, the reasons for not using the internet, the level of satisfaction and problems with the existing internet services in these institutions. The findings of the study showed that the usage of internet by the students was low because computers along with internet facilities were trivial at the time of studying.

But the most of the students revealed their interest for internet usage and interested to enhance their internet usage skills. Nowadays the world is going through an information revolution that may immediately alter the way.

1. Introduction

A study on internet usage was conducted in the tertiary education media. The study recommended that students should use internet as a tool for communication along with the source of information Ozad, At present, the students are interested in using the internet to search information and perform their coursework that may bring their academic success Escoffery et al. The students were new internet users but they used the internet daily.

Most of the students had the internet access at home.

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The students used to use the internet mainly for educational and communication purposes Safdar et al. In a study, it was found that all respondents were using internet because of getting quality information. A similar study was conducted on information science students at Loughborough University. Methodology Procedures In the operation of the data collection function of current research, the quantitative method has been made. The major rationale to use the research method is that the research required the quantitative measurable research data. For the collection of research data, close-ended research questions were presented.

The close-ended survey questions have been applied for the collection of measurable research data according to the data need and research contexts in given research situations.

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The population for this study consisted of the students coming from diverse disciplines at University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. To ensure a heterogeneous sample, stratified sampling is used for this research. Respondents were selected using stratified random sampling. Secondary data sources were articles on the related factors in the conceptual framework of the study as well as electronic e.

Internet and printed sources of data. Data analysis In the current research, the statistical tool named SPSS has been mainly used for the analysis of research data.

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In the current research, different tables are mainly used for the presentations of analyzed research data. Nil Nil Educational Business Studies 50 Of the surveys analyzed, respondents Majority of the respondents are Single Table shows that 50 So, it indicates that students coming from Science and Arts background should increase the usage of internet to accelerate their academic performance.

Students should extend their internet usage outside the homes to take the optimum advantage from using the internet. Students from all backgrounds should enhance the frequency of internet access per day. Most peoples never write down password and usernames and most of them are never access internet from cafe. When consider the relationship with cyber-crime there is no relationship between the causes of cybercrime to the system security while using internet.

Next test used to identify the relationship between cyber-crime and unawareness of cybercrime. So according to the finding there is a positive relationship between the causes of cybercrime to the unawareness in cybercrime. There is a relationship for cyber-crime to the authentication. And final test used to identify the relationship between cyber-crime and confidential information. The result is there is a relationship between the causes of cybercrime to the negligent with the confidential information. I can conclude there is a relationship between cybercrime and unawareness of cyber-crime, cyber-crime and authentication, cyber-crime and authentication.

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AmmarYassir, In this research mention, in cybercrime complaints are growths by considering the cybercrime complaints. There for cybercrime attacked are grown up. Laura Vozmediano research mention cyber-crime attacked are grown by comparing with Laura Vozmediano, n. There for in view of the researches there is a relationship between cyber-crime and internet usage.