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In third and fourth year, students are required to take a minimum of five Commerce courses each year, with only one annual mandatory class. This is your opportunity to specialize in a particular field. Your transcript, on the other hand, will be requested by certain employers. If you want to work in a more general field like management consulting, they might appreciate more of a mixed bag of courses. The big difference is in Year 3 and 4 when you have a ton of flexibility to create the business degree that you want. The undergraduate business program has a stellar reputation in Canada. In , Smith was ranked 66th in the world by Bloomberg.

This means that work experience is not directly integrated with your degree. In my opinion, this is the biggest issue with the program. A Queen's Commerce co-op department should exist by now. Instead, they have a Career Advancement Centre and many summer internships available to students, particularly after 2nd and 3rd year. This better mimics the real-world.

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I found a summer internship at a school board after 1st year on my own. Then, I somehow obtained a role as an Assistant Brand Manager at Unilever after 2nd year through on-campus recruiting. After graduation, I wanted to work in management consulting abroad.

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They specialize in helping students obtain jobs in Toronto. Maybe this is an indicator of our strong economy? Or the strength of the Commerce student profile?

Presidential Management Fellows Program

Or both? Think about this industry mix with what you seek out of a business program. You should probably go to school where your goals match the strengths of your school and the students. My guess would be Goldman Sachs New York. Usually at least one student gets this job each year. This is an industry-wide issue. Smith Commerce boasts the largest and most successful business student government in Canada. Within Comsoc, there are 18 conferences and 33 clubs and committees, composed of more than positions.

The conferences are world-class and the clubs are operated with clear objectives and exceptional execution. Another strength of Smith Commerce is its international exchange program. In third year, students have the option to go on exchange for one semester. I was the last student to find a loophole by going for two semesters. Usually exchange classes are pretty easy and you travel every weekend.

Pmf 2014 Essay Questions

It was an incredible, eye-opening experience that changed my life. Smith Commerce offers only one dual degree option with the Faculty of Arts and Science. This can be done consecutively, but this dual degree requires additional coursework of units. This is what will appear on your diploma, and nothing else. Clearly, Smith Commerce is a very expensive program.

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But the demand is there, year-after-year, so I can assure you: it will not decrease. Here's the tuition growth over the past nine years. Note the decrease this year. More on this here. He attended the program for two years and decided to transfer to study business and physics at the University of Pennsylvania.

If you want to get a feel for what Smith Commerce alumni are doing after graduation, check out the Smith Magazine alumni notes section. However, I have dedicated the past fifteen years of my life understanding every aspect of the top schools in Canada. Subscribe to view the full document. I cannot even describe how much Course Hero helped me this summer. In the end, I was not only able to survive summer classes, but I was able to thrive thanks to Course Hero.

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