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Even earlier, the beat poets of the s sometimes employed drums in their readings. Watch this video on YouTube Some of the most famous historical poems have been turned into movies or inspired episodes of television shows. Beowulf , for example, is an Anglo-Saxon epic poem that has spawned at least 8 film adaptations, most recently a animated film starring Angelina Jolie and Anthony Hopkins.

Nearly all poems are written in verse — that is, they have line breaks and meter rhythm. But verse is also used in other areas of literature. Their dialogue is separated into rhythmic lines just like a song, but they are supposed to be speaking normally. Beowulf — Trailer. List of Terms Action. Ad Hominem. Alter Ego. APA Citation. Comic Relief.

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The poem goes from being a static object to being an action. The poem of the mind has to be alternative and listening; it is experimental. The poem resists and refuses transcendentalism , but remains within the conceptual limits of the mind and the poem. With the publication of The Waste Land , modernist poetry appeared to have made a breakthrough into wider critical discourse and a broader readership. However, the economic collapse of the late s and early s had a serious negative impact on the new writing. For American writers, living in Europe became more difficult as their incomes lost a great deal of their relative value.

While Gertrude Stein , Barney and Joyce remained in the French city, much of the scene they had presided over scattered. Pound was in Italy, Eliot in London, H. The economic depression, combined with the impact of the Spanish Civil War , also saw the emergence, in the Britain of the s, of a more overtly political poetry, as represented by such writers as W. Auden and Stephen Spender.

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  • Although nominally admirers of Eliot, these poets tended towards a poetry of radical content but formal conservativeness. For example, they rarely wrote free verse, preferring rhyme and regular stanza patterns in much of their work. Consequently, modernism in English remained in the role of an avant garde movement, depending on little presses and magazines and a small but dedicated readership.

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    Thanks to his influence, Zukofsky was asked to edit a special Objectivist issue of the Chicago-based journal Poetry in to launch the group. The basic tenets of Objectivist poetics were to treat the poem as an object and to emphasise sincerity, intelligence, and the poet's ability to look clearly at the world, and in this they can be viewed as direct descendants of the Imagists. Continuing a tradition established in Paris, Zukofsky, Reznikoff, and Oppen went on to form the Objectivist Press to publish books by themselves and by Williams.

    In his later work, Zukofsky developed his view of the poem as object to include experimenting with mathematical models for creating poems, producing effects similar to the creation of a Bach fugue or a piece of serial music.