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We can see these approaches in the powerful arguments we read in the media each day:. Particular sentence structures can, however, allow students to showcase more advanced thinking. Opening a sentence with a simile shows understanding of representation and symbolism. Years ago, I taught writing to argue and persuade with a strong focus on encouraging students to shoehorn as many persuasive devices as they could into their writing, as the example below, with the obligatory Comic Sans, illustrates.

The examiners are clear that a sustained argument should be led by the deeper structures of the argument itself, rather simply signposted by persuasive devices.

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The piece digressed at length about the merits of the education system in Finland, and in doing so, really lost sight of the central thesis. After cutting it down considerably, the student was still grappling with an overly long and unwieldy piece of writing. Offering verbal feedback as I sat with the student at a computer, we pruned it brutally, then went back to edit and craft some more.

Featured image: Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash. Encourage students to plan persuasive writing broadly and gather ideas. Model the process of sequencing and structuring. In small groups, students shared and reflected on their own ideas and, using colour-coded cards.

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Some students grouped ideas further, spotting clusters within each of the modes of rhetoric. Get them to open with an anecdote before outlining their main argument. The opening anecdote works well to engage the interest of the reader; the writing feels immersive. The student follows up their opening anecdote by clearly outlining their main argument. This redrafted version feels much more powerful.

Teach students how to build explicit paragraph links to show cohesion visibly. Make sure they understand the importance of personal pronouns. Here, the student has created a rapport with the reader by addressing them directly. Latin connectives suggest a sense of gravitas.

Chapter 10. Persuasion

Encourage them to experiment with sentence structures to allow them to showcase higher order thinking. Prompt the students to change the level of formality on occasion for emphasis. I thought this student used a parenthetical aside to great effect. Make sure the students make thrifty use of persuasive devices. Tell them to write less and craft it more.

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2. Passion

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