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Research Topics Help. Research keenly before you settle for a specific topic. Each topic is presented with adequate background information Sample Best Research Topic Ideas on Government An evaluation of freedom and civil rights in a given country This study will aim at identifying some of the freedom and civil rights bestowed upon the citizens of a given country. A study to investigate the role of the government in fighting against terrorism This study will target in identifying the role that the government plays in fighting terrorism.

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An investigation of women representation in politics in a given country This study will target at determining how well are women represented in politics. A case study on the state and legalization of dual citizenship in a given country This study will aim at identifying the state and legalization of dual citizenship in a given country. An investigation into the problems that face the government in the strive to fight corruption This study will aim at determining some of the problems that the government faces in the strife to fight corruption.

An investigation into the essence of acknowledging cultural diversity while allocating government positions This study will target at identifying the importance of acknowledging cultural diversity while allocating government positions.

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Thank you for your feedback. Different administrations devolve different functions to local government, and systems and practices of government differ. A distinguishing characteristic of local government in Ireland is the relatively limited range of functions undertaken by local authorities. Many local authorities in other OECD countries have responsibility for a much broader range of social services, including primary and secondary education, health, social welfare, care for the elderly and childcare services, public transport, and policing.

The Irish local government reform programme based on Putting People First Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government, , the action programme for local government reform, envisages new roles for local government with the alignment of community and enterprise functions with the local government system; greater impact and involvement in local economic and community development; and for local government to be the main vehicle of governance and public service at local level.

Service level agreements are also being used internally within organisations, guiding interaction between different sections of the organisation such as between central support services and delivery units. Therefore, local authorities are both commissioners and suppliers when it comes to service level agreements.

In this report we examine the nature of service level agreements, including the advantages and disadvantages involved in their implementation. A number of examples are highlighted, including references to good practice templates. The report is primarily targeted at those local authority staff who are not particularly familiar with or aware of service level agreements.


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It is intended as a short, general introduction to the subject. This report examines the current situation and expected future requirements of local government with regard to the skills and capacity needed in the sector.

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The changing role and functions of local government, combined with the changing people profile of the local government sector, provides the context within which capacity and competency requirements are framed. This report identifies three key issues to be addressed concerning cost recovery: a setting cost recovery policy and principles; b capturing, monitoring and reviewing the cost of services; and c fee and charge collection and enforcement.

Questions that local authorities should consider under each heading when developing their cost recovery options are outlined, together with recommendations as to how these questions should be addressed. When used strategically, collaboration produces positive impacts, stakeholders committed to policy or program change, and strengthened capacity of individuals and organizations to effectively work together.

While it is noted that resource sharing is not a new concept as local government organisations have been working together and sharing resources for many years, at a time of fiscal challenge such as the present it is useful to think more strategically about collaboration.