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Your professional background? If your strength, say, is your background in a particular field, in your personal statement about a person who influenced you, identify the person who steered you in the direction of that field. By doing this, you will use your personal statement essays not only as a means to describe someone with positive traits you would like to emulate, but someone whose influence in your life was critical in letting you develop those skills that most set you apart as a candidate.

Skip to content. Writing a Great Personal Statement Describe a significant experience or achievement Discuss an issue that is important to you Why is our school right for you? For example, in sports or competitive events, the sportsmen should treat their rivals with respect.

How to Write Winning Essays on Honor

Whether they win or lose, there should be mutual respect for one another as both teams can win the competition. Some people are very touchy with their properties. It might be their clothes, bags, homes or their cars. It can be understandable since most likely they spent money on the item. Any items are sometimes valuable to them since they hold sentimental value or a bond that is invaluable in their lives. Taking care of the environment is also another form of respect. It means not littering around, taking care of trees and animals.

Littering on the school compound should be avoided at all cost. Students should not steal writing materials like books and pens from one another. Respect is borrowing an item from your neighbor and returning it in its exact condition as you received.

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If you hire a lawnmower, for example, make sure to use it and return it once you are finished. It makes it easy for you to live well with your neighbors. It is common sense as committing this act could also be a felony and land you in trouble. Respect is what every human being should wish to have in their lives as many do not possess it and very few give it. Educators should encourage students to read respect essay in hopes of understanding what respect is all about.

If we all learned to respect one another, the world would be a better place. Start by reading this respect essay and strive to apply some of the aspects covered in your own life. Importance of Respect Essay Examples. Calculate your price.

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Type of paper Essay. Academic level Undergraduate. Deadline 14 days.

Importance of Respect Essay Examples

Respect does play an essential role in numerous ways including: Allowing people to build trust with each other. Enabling people to create and rebuild relationships. People respected within communities are most likely to encourage and bring peace. Additionally, respect plays a fundamental difference in solving conflicts. Such people need someone to guide them to the right decision.

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Being an honorable person means understanding people. People do things using logic. If you understand what their motives are, you get to understand their actions hence understand them as individuals. People complain about not having time to:. Being a person of honor means creating room and time for others especially if they need you.

The Trap to Avoid in Your Personal Statement Essays About “A Person Who Influenced You”

For you to thrive in life, you should be able to find time to put people first before your needs. When you think about essays on honor, you should keep in mind that your words matter. Gossiping about people can make people change the way they look at you. It involves betraying confidence and spreading sensitive information about someone. You could find them changing certain bits of the story to make it more interesting and more believable.

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When you meet a gossiper, you have to look at the intentions of the person. Are they doing it to feel superior or just to get attention and have the upper hand in a conversation? Honor means getting yourself from situations or people you know like speaking about others. The ball can stop at your court.