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Effective global communication allows workers from different cultures to work together as a group. Additionally, poor translations in marketing and advertising can lead to poor sales internationally. Not practicing effective intercultural communication can lead to accidentally offending another individual. According to the Diplo Foundation, an organization dedicated to improving diplomacy between cultures, the consequences for such an accident can range from an embarrassing moment to the collapse of an entire business deal. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in communication with minors in philosophy and writing.

Fenell has been writing since , when he joined his high school newspaper, "The Arc Light. It produces a healthy work environment.


When employees are satisfied with their jobs, they are able to efficiently perform their duties with a positive attitude. Failing to communicate effectively in a workplace leads to frustration and confusion among employees. However, managers can alleviate such problems by keeping the lines of communication open.

There are numerous positive aspects of communication in the work place. If a misunderstanding is discussed rather than spoken about behind someone's back, the problem could be cleared quickly, avoiding a possible crisis. Instead of putting up with something that one feels to be morally wrong, if the employee speaks of his or her disappointment or dismay, the situation could be overturned, therefore, providing a healthier, improved work atmosphere and a boost of self-worth. By conversing with managers and co-workers about the individual's feelings towards the job, better job satisfaction can be gained.

With communication, many problems can be solved before they even have an opportunity to arise.

Essay about The Importance of Communication in Business

For example, if an employee does not completely comprehend his or her assigned task, by approaching his or her overseer with the problem, a potential catastrophe could be avoided. If the employee would have just gone about the duty without asking for clearer directions, he or she may have faced dismissal from the job, therefore, leaving unemployed.

Being fired on the spot for something as trivial as not asking questions can possibly damage your future job opportunities. So as one can see, a little communication can take someone a very long way. It may even take the employee as far as potentially saving his or her future work reputation with different companies. Along with positive aspects of communication, there are quite a few negative facets as well.

The Importance of Communication in Business

It requires one's own judgment to deem certain types of communication as negative. Such harmful communication may include a situation in which a worker openly expresses his or her complaints about the job simply because he or she is feeling too lethargic to do it. By grumbling about the work instead of accepting the job he or she was asked to do, an employer may reason this employee to not be of any use to the company.

Another situation involving negative communication may include a person that bluntly gives negative criticism rather than positive criticism. If a worker constantly criticizes a co-worker, the morale of the whole company may plunge consequently decreasing the workers' productivity. Such disparagement may make employees feel insecure or apprehensive about their work, thus causing them to work less or inefficiently.

Workers must be sure to always use clear judgment when deciding which type of communication is negative and which is positive. A lapse in judgment could be detrimental to one's life. In order to avoid all of the Anegadtive outcomes of poor communication, all problems, issues, and complaints should be discussed with higher authority in the work place.

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  7. By discussing everything with a supervisor, all assignments are elucidated, which allows a better chance for sufficient work. If there are any issues or conditions that must be met, a worker and his or her manager may be able to work out a compromise, making a job run more smoothly. If workers do not speak up when a problem arises, the dilemma will never be solved, and all productivity will decline. Miscommunication troubles harm not only the individual with the problem but also the whole company as well as the company's clientele.

    In conclusion, communication is the key to a satisfactory work environment. Communication is valuable to every person within the work place. If no communication were ever used, it would be impossible to conduct any type of business efficiently.

    Changes in communication in the 21st century

    If ever faced with a problem, be sure to discuss it thoroughly with a supervisor. Matters should never be taken into one's own hands when the assignment is unclear. They should always be clarified to make sure the job is done correctly. Communication will make not only the professional life easier to conduct but the private life easier as well. Never use communication in the work place as a weapon. Communicating can be a very powerful act, so always think before speaking.

    By discussing thoughts, problems, issues, plans, opinions, or ideas, things will be handled in a very proficient manner. Effective communication in the workplace is necessary for an effective work environment. Productivity decreases and everyone gets stressed if people do not communicate effectively.

    Some of the more common problems that prevent effective communication can be overcome by simply minimizing them or even eliminating them. When these things are dealt with, the organization can function more efficiently, and the work environment is much more pleasant for everyone. Some of the more notable communication issues that should be addressed are: Sarcasm, Gossip, Tantrums and Self-centeredness.

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    These situations show how effective communication is very important in almost all settings. Any organization can be made more productive by effective communication. In fact, effective communication is not only necessary in the office but more importantly, in day-to-day life. It is important to deal with other people with respect for their abilities, personal space and self-worth.

    After all, we expect no less for ourselves. Communication is not just important, it is absolutely necessary in any work setting where people need to work as groups. An in the present world, with a very high level of division of labour, accomplishment of almost any useful task requires inputs from a group of people.

    Importance of effective communication skills in business - KLIENT SOLUTECH

    People in such setting need to exchange information on many different aspects of work such as what is to be done, how it is to be done, who will do it, what resources are required and from where to obtain it, and so on. Without such information not much work can be done. Even the work that can is done without effective communication of required information is likely to be highly inefficient and of poor output quality.

    We tend to overlook the importance of communication because we all seem to be able to communicate without any special effort to learn ways of communication or in actually communicating. However, today's world of complicated technology, big organizations, multiplicity of products and consumer preferences, and wide and varied markets, the amount and complexity of information to be exchanged and used has increased enormously.

    We need to communicate objective data to accomplish a task. In addition, we need to convey and elicit personalised subjective feelings and emotions for motivating people on work and deriving satisfaction from our work.

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