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Characters can be good, characters can be bad, insignificant, or even stereotypical.

Importance of Character in Personality Development

As you continue to analyze the character, you may find that they fit into one, two or maybe even three specific character categories, and that is okay. Your goal is to describe the personality of the character, their role in the story and the value they bring.

As the story develops, you will receive small hints about the personality of a character through the things they say, the way they act, how they move, and the mannerisms they have. Ultimately, you will discover that the character fits into one of the character categories mentioned above. Asides from expressing unique character traits, the character will also fit into a specific role in the story.

This will either be a major role, as a key component of the story or a minor role, as a smaller and less significant component of the story. The majority of characters will go through several changes through the course of story. Pay attention to whether the character becomes stronger, falls apart, enters into new relationships, learns something new about themselves, etc.

Importance of Character

Note any areas or scenes when these changes occur. Similar to nearly all other types of essay, the character paper will consist of an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

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Introduction: A good introduction is a glue that binds the entire essay together. It makes a statement or asks a question. It alerts the reader of what is to come. You should write a brief description of the character being analysed in order to generate interest. Body: The body paragraphs should be organized and divided in a way that groups likeminded ideas or information together, but follows the sequence of the key points mentioned in the introduction. The body should address the following:.

Conclusion: The conclusion is the part which summarizes your essay. This is where you will have one final opportunity to not only restate your thesis but also highlight the most important traits or findings from your analysis of the character in question. It is in good practice to paraphrase two or three of the points made in the body paragraphs and provide a couple of examples for each.

If it still seems confusing, do not hesitate to refer to the experts in writing a character analysis:.

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By clicking "Log In", you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. Dialogue is used to capture the conversation between characters. In a narrative essay, dialogue is the third important element, without which the characters lose their worth and liveliness. This paragraph is an example from a narrative essay of Maya Angelou. She has described how a girl looks, and how she behaves.

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She has also written direct dialogues to show that it is a narrative. She introduced me.

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He bent low from the waist and shook my hand. Was it true as my mother had told him, he asked, that I longed for the opportunity to conquer the world of business? In this piece from a narrative essay by Russell Baker of the famed Saturday Evening Post , the author has fully described the efforts of his mother by her dialogue.

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Both character and dialogue are very clear. That explains everything. A character analysis essays outline is a must-have action plan to implement if you wish to succeed in your writing. What is the role of introduction and how could a character analysis essays introduction look like? Most people tend to view Batman as a positive character.

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It is a good idea to show another side. Stress these people had a chance if not Batman. You may come up with the argumentative points. The summary of these points will work literary for the character analysis essays conclusion; in the body, a writer should also add evidence like in-text citations.

How to Write a Character Analysis Essay: Student’s Mini-Guide

Recall some episodes from the movie or comics to support your view. As for the conclusion, there is no need to write the evidence again: name the 3 arguments from the body paragraphs and restate the thesis. To leave an impression, provide some shocking facts about the characters. Body paragraph 1: The trappings of Buchanan life stress his privilege and unsafety.

Supporting evidence:. Supporting facts:. His ongoing policing of the actions of others points to the fact the man wishes to reinforce social separation by status.