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The sea is a place full of wonder and mystery, where the hands of man have barely breeched her depths. It is also a place where you become completely vulnerable, where its waves either gently sway you towards shore or violently lash you out with the tide. These thoughts always seem to cross my mind once my bare feet have edged into any form of water. All water leads to the sea, and when I find myself standing on the shoreline of the pond in my backyard I can picture myself standing on a beach with brilliant blue waters surrounding me.

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The possibilities are endless, and some say I am losing myself in my own imagination, but I like to say that I am lost at sea. Not every piece of work peeked my interest, but it was a trip well made. The longer I watched the reflective lights twist and whirl upon the wall I slowly became entranced.

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I could almost feel myself be lifted right off the ground, as if a gentle hand had nudged me forward into the light show and I gladly welcomed it. I was entangled in this trance for what seemed like an eternity, which could have very well been true. This piece intrigued me far more than I could have ever fathomed, but something also seemed extremely wrong. The absence of color left me with a feeling of cold emptiness, like if I were to plunge into the shimmering lights that were on the wall that nothing would be waiting for me there. I would be alone, with different shades and tones of grey surrounding me.

The surface of the sea can be quite inviting, but what lies in wait is what entices my interest most.

Anything could be lurking within the depths of the sea. Something wonderful or miraculous could be there, just hiding, waiting to be uncovered. All that it is anticipating is my actions and whether I choose to draw back the curtain or not. This sculpture made me feel as if I was submerged with my body idly floating.

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I could almost feel my hair be warped as if a gust of wind was shaping it into a new design. The sculpture itself was made out of unglazed porcelain in the year I almost now picture myself plunging through the Drawings in Light and as I broke through the surface, I would open my eyes and the sea floor would be filled to the brim with this strange, aquatic sea life. I could picture myself kicking downward, playing amongst the sparkling coral and slick yet smooth seaweed leaves. As described by Lillian B. Rose, she describes almost perfectly how my heart is entranced with each stroke I take to proceed forward i.

The seascape drawing us in.

In triumph, two sweethearts together, creating minstrels in the sand. Related Documents: The Sea Essay.

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