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This lesson will enable them to study the content and form of country music and to explore the connections between the genre and the rural, southern environment of the early 20th century. In doing so, they will become acquainted with the life of a famous practitioner from Mississippi; Jimmie Rodgers.

Allow students to react. Have students discuss their impressions of country music: its sound, content, etc.

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Ask if there are any "famous" country musicians from Mississippi. Switch the discussion to blues and rock-and-roll music for students to compare their knowledge of the different musical types and the contributions of artists from Mississippi. Instruct students to think about the terms and to write appropriate descriptions of them in their notebook.

You may want to provide time for some students to read their responses.

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Ask students to listen for explanations of the terms as the lesson continues and to compare their answers. Let them speculate on the meaning of the term genre, before having them write a correct definition in their notes. Have a student point out the location of Meridian on a wall map. Have students discuss the prevailing music technologies of the period. Ask students to read the Mississippi History Now article and to make brief notes concerning the major events in the life of Jimmie Rodgers. In groups of three or five, students will compare their notes and determine how to construct a sequence-chain depicting his life events.

Allow students time to complete the chains and display the chains in the classroom. Instruct students to make observations from the music, the video, and their reading regarding the origin, format, and content themes of country music.

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Have them construct a graphic organizer perhaps in the shape of a guitar to illustrate this information. Ask students to categorize the themes, if possible, and to discuss WHY they think they were the subjects of his music. Instruct students to compose a list of primary events, times, places, and things that influenced his music. Once again, have them compare lists, edit, and turn them in for credit.

Let them offer examples. With regards to their use of instruments, both have been able to perform well using guitar, which was not really popular among the performers of those days. They both have their own style in playing the guitar, in able to make the music their own.


Malone Although as I have said, their music both posses a folk and country-side atmosphere, the two trends differ largely on the audience and the story that they would like to express. Also, Jimmie Rodgers has been a solo artist while the Carter Family was a band consists of three members.

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Both have also started out in able to save a few dollars from singing and landed on signing contracts from Peers and Victor, although the Carter have switch to American Recording Company, late in their career. Malone, 37 Concluding Remarks Their music were really my favorite music because it drives some of my worries away and it makes me feel as if someone is there who will be willing to listen to all of my plights in life. Country music have let modern music reach to the most detach part of the land and the music of the hills and the meadows to reach the vast and busy streets of the city.

Their music has helped me through my down times and has made me realize of the good things in life, giving me a more positive outlook in life.

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Works Cited: Carlin, Richard. Country Music: a Biographical Dictionary. USA: Routledge, Davidoff, Nicholas. Vintage Books, Malone, Bill C. Illinois: University of Illinois Press, Porterfield, Nolan. Let us create the best one for you! What is your topic?

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