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Brutus did not believe that killing him for no appearnent reason was the most worthy way so before he made his final decision, he knew it was for the common good. This following quote was said by both Cassius and Brutus.

Brutus claims that he is frightened of Caesar becoming king of Rome. Cassius gets Brutus to explain his thoughts and that allows Brutus to understand the meaning of why Caesar must be killed. Brutus was also shown as patriotic in many times throughout the book. Before the following quote Brutus has woken up early in the morning and concludes that Caesar must be killed. He decides that he will kill Caesar but he must do it for an honorable cause for Rome.

He does it in order to keep Rome a republic. Throughout the book Brutus is shown as a very patriotic character and cares more about others than himself. His integrity caused to be loyal to the people and to also be loyal to Caesar his good friend.

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However his loyalty to his country far out shadowed his loyalty to Caesar. Brutus decides that he must follow his morals and has to kill Caesar for the way that he wanted to. Countrymen, my heart doth joy that yet in all my life I found no man but he was true to me.

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This is honorable in an odd way; Brutus is possibly trying to make up for what he plans to do. Brutus was honorable in his choice and position in the murder of Caesar. He fought for the right cause and for the right people, and, in many minds did the right thing. In the speech, a specific topic stands out more than the rest. If then that friend demand why Brutus rose against Caesar, this is my answer: not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more.

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Brutus and Antony have the same love for Caesar. Brutus believed he was doing the right thing and that makes him more honorable than all of the other men who conspired against Caesar. I killed not thee with half so good a will.

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Brutus was the only conspirator with a mind of his own. Introduction Overall, the main character, Julius Caesar is a character that readers are often very ambiguous about. On one hand, it is said that Julius Caesar would likely become a tyrant if he was crowned king. On the other hand, Julius Caesar is made out to be a great hero. Therefore, readers are faced with a dilemma about who they should side with in this story.

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  7. By having many of the supporting characters going against the decision to crown Julius Caesar king, this creates an even larger dilemma. Brutus vs.

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    Everyone has ambitions, a strong desire of achieving great things, and some will do whatever it takes to achieve their goal. Honor is a title one receives through their noble acts; but some honorable and strongly ambitious people may go as far as to give up their noble title to accomplish their purpose. William Shakespeare is a well-known English poet. The Honor of an Important Roman Man In Roman history, some elite men held certain values that they felt strong enough to take their life in order to defend it.

    The protagonist of the play, Marcus Brutus, supports this thought by having an idealistic view on the world and by showing his patriotism toward Rome. If a person truly can define himself as an honorable …show more content….

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    Clearly, Brutus thinks that by killing Antony alongside Caesar, the conspirators will be seen as butchers. In addition, when an honorable man sometimes makes a decision that turns out to be inconsistent with his values, he must make drastic decisions in order to make up for it. A while after Caesar is killed, Brutus starts to realize that maybe he did not do the honorable thing in killing Caesar.