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Keep a special column or section for extraordinary occurrences of income or expenses that do not happen on a regular basis.

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For example, a large tax payment, a sizeable bonus or an expensive home repair might throw off your income statement and can be recorded separately. Tally the difference between your income and expenses, and you have an idea of what your net income is. Update your personal finance statement regularly. You might want to do it every month or every other month. This will help you monitor any changes in your finances.

Personal Financial Statement

Include a narrative with the numbers. This will help you remember what was going on during any specific period of time. Provide a brief description of any special expenses, or note how you calculated some sums, such as the value of your home. Work with a financial planner or advisor. Ask a professional to review your personal finance statement to see if you have missed anything.

Do your monthly expenses such as utilities and food need to be added to liabilities? Yes No. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 5. Do my annual expenses for utilities, insurance and food need to be added to annual expenses? Include everything. Otherwise, the statement won't be accurate and useful. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Download templates if you are using Excel. You can even print a quarterly or yearly personal finance statement just so you have a copy to file and whenever you need to present it.

How To Build A Personal Financial Statement

Since this Simple Personal Finance Template is easy-to-use, lets you accurately compute and is also professional-looking, you can print your own updated finance statement when you need it for presentation of your financial condition to the bank for loans or to other financiers. Furthermore, you can also use this free Excel template for use in your business.

Personal Financial Statement Template Sba

Your email address will not be published. Sign up to our newsletter. Personal Balance Sheet The Simple Personal Finance Statement Template for Excel acts like your personal balance sheet in the sense that it presents your various assets and liabilities. The difference between the two is called total cashflow which you want to be positive and of course the more the better.

Balance sheet lists all your assets things that make you money and liabilities things that make you lose money. Assets are your bank savings, real estate and other valuables. Mortgages, loans and other outstanding debt are examples of liabilities. The difference between assets liabilities worth is your total net worth. Click on the thumbnail the open an example financial statement. You can see example income streams from salary and passive sources.

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Expenses are listed in detail to help pinpoint biggest spenders. Assets include real estate, car, savings On the other side are liabilities like loans and mortgages.

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This person has achieved financial freedom meaning passive income of at least two times all their expenses as explained in the first part of the article. This is only a example to get you going. You can easily expand and add new fields with minimum Excel knowledge.

Then start filling it up.

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Add all money, valuables and cash flow you can think off at this time. You will add more as you start tracking it. You can update your financial statement daily, weekly or monthly. Which means you can have a daily, weekly or monthly history of financial statements.

Personal Financial Statement in Excel

Track your progress. The come back and leave a comment on your experience. I am eager for you to share them. If you did all that you made your first step to financial freedom. You just entered the realm of finances. Isn't that great? Thanks Vladimir! I was actually looking for a sample copy of financial statement used in CashFlow by Robert Kiyosaki and you provided it.