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A problem solution essay is a typical assignment for many grade levels and courses of study. The purpose of problem solution essays is to help learners to perform research and analyze a situation from all sides so that they can come up with a solution to the issue. Many students in all classes will have to write problem solution essays before they complete their academic careers.

In order to complete an effective problem solution essay, students need to first be sure that they understand the nature of the question that a professor is posing. In many cases, professors will pose a specific question and lets students decide which side they want to argue in their own problem solution essays. However, some professors will simply state a topic and ask students to define their own problems and solutions. While performing the research, students may find that they wish to perform experiments or conduct interviews, as well.

Before the report writing can begin, the student should outline the document. In the outline, the student should provide the format for the problem solution essay, which should include a discussion of both sides of a particular issue in order to ensure that the research is thorough. The first draft of the problem solution essay will not be the last draft.

Therefore, learners should begin their drafts well before the report deadline in order to ensure that they're able to perform as many edits as they require. There is a great similarity between a problem solution essay and an essay debate. An essay debate requires students to argue one side of an issue in depth. However, the difference between problem solution essays and essay debates is: problem solution essay require learners to find an actual solution to a problem.

In a debate essays, students need only to argue that one side is right or wrong. Watch this playlist on YouTube Search for a paper! Order a new, custom-written paper! Related Essays:.

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Life is a series of tasks which may be impeded by any number of challenges and aided by any number of strategic methods. However, the demands which are placed upon the individual in solving such problems are not necessarily met without some organization of information. This organization is referred to in our text as problem representation, and is the process by which an individual will come to mentally define the nature of the problem, the context in which the problem exists, the various factors which have created it and the logical parameters framing this problem.

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The primary text refers to this as the 'space' within which the…. Childhood Obesity: Problem and Solutions Health professionals have, for a long time, known the consequences of being overweight and obesity in adults.

Over the course of the past three decades, there has been increased concern and attention regarding the issue of childhood obesity. There are varying opinions about what factors contribute to increased childhood obesity. Main contributors range from genetic predisposition to sedentary lifestyles. A number of disciplines have developed approaches to address these concerns. The topic of your essay needs to be relatively easy to write about, but it also needs to match the interests of the general public.

Popular problem solution essay topics today include everything connected with the environment, psychology, bad habits, the internet, deviations in youth, racism, education, and so on. The topic you ultimately choose for your essay needs to motivate you to think and look for the solutions to the problem. Sometimes problem solution essay will address more than one problem, but this move is only effective when the multiple problems lie within the same realm — otherwise, you will find it hard to focus on the solutions to the problems.

The key secret to writing a winning problem solution essay is to believe in your problem. The best way to achieve a full understanding and acceptance of the problem is to write a proposal for your essay. Here are some tips on writing a successful proposal:. Unlike a typical essay, which generally offers only one approach to creating an outline, a problem solution essay allows you to create the outline in two different ways. These methods are called the Block and Chain methods. No matter which type of outline you decide to go for, writing an outline is an essential step on your way to a brilliant essay, since it will help you stay on topic throughout the writing.

In order to deliver a beautifully structured and logical paper, you need to follow a specific order of steps while working on the essay:.

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In some cases, local problems connected to your school or community work best. In other cases, students achieve great results when writing a paper on global problems like the environment and racism. Most importantly, you should have a genuine interest in the topic.

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In fact, most students benefit from writing the thesis last. By that time, they have already developed a thorough understanding of the problem and can form a clear and concise thesis that will be supported by the rest of the work.


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Before you can propose your own solutions to the problems, you need to demonstrate your prior research on the issue by offering some of the solutions previously designed by other scholars. Analyze whether they were completely successful, and if not, what can be changed about them. Then you can move on to proposing your own solutions to the problems highlighted in the earlier parts of the essay. The work on your solutions can be divided into three easy steps:. Provide us your e-mail and we will send a promo-code to your inbox.

January 28, A problem solution essay is not the most common type of written assignments given to modern students, but it does have a very important purpose: to stimulate the society to look for solutions for the most widespread problems of the world. Problem Solution Essay Topic Unless you are given the topic for your essay by your instructor, this is the first crucial step in your writing process. Four Components of a Problem Solution Essay Every problem solution essay is required to have four mandatory components: Situation, or your introduction to the background of the problem.

Problem, or your description of the specifics of the problem and why it should be addressed.

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Solution, or your proposed answer to the problem. Evaluation, or an overview of your previously stated ideas along with a call for action.

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Proposal The key secret to writing a winning problem solution essay is to believe in your problem. Using your discovered data, provide some proofs that the problem in question is real and needs to be solved as soon as possible. Identify the aspects of the problem that still need to be researched. It will not only help you paint a complete picture, but will also give your readers some food for thought. Create a plan for your research, specifying where you will look for information and which methods you will use in the research.

Two Ways to Write an Outline Unlike a typical essay, which generally offers only one approach to creating an outline, a problem solution essay allows you to create the outline in two different ways. The Block outline has the following structure: Introduction and background. Problems 1, 2, 3.