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You have to explain your classification in a proper way and provide examples. Look for an unpredictable approach to the classification of usual concepts. Regular things may shine in new splendor in the right hands! Sure, you should be consistent and logical, but let your creativity come in full force while writing these essays. Feel free to show your creative side! We hope our tips will help you a bit with creating every type of essay.

Leave your email and we'll send you our book! Taking into account that you read this article, we have every right to suggest that your writing skills are far from ideal. When you are not really interested in a topic and too lazy to provide profound research, you start making up stories, fabricate facts, and repeat your thesis statement, again and again, using different words.

Pull yourself together, and you will pull through it! An essay is not a philosophical monologue that you can start with a poem and finish with a discourse about the origins of terrorism. Your writing has to be consistent and logical! Every statement in your writing requires one or two supporting details: facts, quotes, statistics, examples, etc. You will sound unreliable and thoughtless without these elements. Come on, use a dictionary! Your vocabulary is not always enough, especially when the scientific terminology is required.

Sometimes, it is better to consult the thesaurus in order to make your writing more complex and serious.

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As said above, there are various types of essays. Every type has its own peculiarities, structure, and purpose. A new idea in a concluding paragraph is a bad idea. They are eager to see the logical finale of your reasoning. Your thesis is the origin of the entire writing. That is why the foundation should be laid in the introductory paragraph. It establishes the structure, the logic, and the purpose of your narration. An informal style is unacceptable for academic papers.

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Use high-level vocabulary and consult a dictionary if necessary. Balance is everything. At the same time, lengthy constructions confuse your readers and hinder from following your reasoning. If you use a source, it is necessary to cite it properly.

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Plagiarism is a common problem of the modern educational system. The consequences of plagiarism can be very serious even if it seems to be accidental. Punctuation rules can be tangled and confusing. Anyway, you have to use proper punctuation in order to present your thoughts in a clear way and to make a good impression. Be especially careful with:. Comma splice: you should use a semicolon or add a conjunction between two independent clauses. Missing commas around interrupters: on the other hand, fortunately, in fact, etc. Every farmer knows that the harvest will be poor if you sow a field with meager soil.

The same applies to the process of essay writing. That is why the skills of searching trustworthy information are so important for every writer. Journalists have a rule that any fact should be confirmed with at least three sources. This law is also true for essays.

Although it is nearly impossible to abide by this rule, the mentioned principle should be your orienting point. The internet is the greatest storage of data in our world, but the process of picking useful information often looks like digging through the trash. First of all, you should figure out what domain names you can trust.

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A domain name is an indicator that shows a website belongs to a certain realm. We will discuss the prominent domains such as. This domain name points to different educational institutions.

Usually, these websites are under control of educational specialists, so the published information is highly reliable. The non-profit organizations have this domain name. In few words, they are worth your trust. This domain name is used by the governmental institutions. Here, the information is relatively reliable. You should be very attentive while searching information on these websites. The commercial organizations are not always conscientious about provided data.

Although some commercial sources are great, they may contain a lot of hidden or evident advertisements. Stay away from the thousands of personal homepages and the millions of blogs. The bloggers offer their own point of view, and they are unlikely to be professionals. Of course, these kinds of sources might be helpful if you are looking for various opinions on your topic. What about printed sources? Informal language, simple vocabulary.

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We will clarify one more thing: fiction books are for leisure; non-fiction books are for research. The explanation is simple: anybody can edit these articles, and the censors are not always there to delete all of the nonsense. Although Wikipedia is far from ideal, you should check out other online encyclopedias: World Digital Library, Britannica, Scholarpedia, and others. Lots of library collections published online are a priceless source for your essay.

No doubt, you can provide your research in an old-fashioned way and visit the library on your own. Yes, they still exist. Remember that there is an exception to every rule. If you write an opinion paper, you may use any possible source in order to get acquainted with all existing points of view. This habit will keep you safe from plagiarism accusations. Use proper citations and give credit to your sources. Websites that end with. Well-known online newspapers and news agencies.

Public, academic libraries. Most websites that end with. Personal homepages and blogs. A formatting style is a particular approach to writing academic papers. As a rule, the formatting styles are standardized and accepted by the majority of educational and research institutions. Different disciplines require different approaches to citation and formatting, which is why there is no universal style.

We will talk about three of the most widespread formats. MLA Modern Language Association style is widely used for essays in humanities and liberal arts: literature, philosophy, music, etc. If emphasizing is necessary, you can use italics. In order to get more detailed information, please, check out our presentation. This style was created by the American Psychological Association, so it is commonly used for the essays on social and behavioral disciplines: economics, history, psychology, management, etc.

Before you start formatting your paper according to APA style, consult our presentation.